Rates & Services

Individual Session Rates

30 Min Session

This session is focused on treating one specific area of your body.


1 Hour Session

This session allows us to focus on all muscle groups or spend more time in an area that needs more work


90 Min Session

In This session we can address all muscle groups and spend whatever time needed in an area that needs more work.


2 Hour Session

Our 120 min session allows us address all of your muscle groups and more than one area that needs more work. 


If you're from out of town or only need to get back out in the world, our individual sessions can be booked by clicking the button below and going to our scheduling page. These sessions are ideal if you just need to drop in to feel better.


Therapy Packages Available.

3 Pack: Save 10%

30 min $135
60 min $255 
90 min $360
120 min $450

6 Pack: Save 15%

30 min $258
60 min $480
90 min $690
120 min $870

12 PacK

60 min $840 
90 min $1260

Monthly Membership

30 min $40/month
60 min $72/month
90 min $108/month
120 min $136/month

Therapy packages are a great opportunity for you to feel great and save on future appointments. When one session just isn't enough, and you want to feel great all the time then book your session packages by calling or clicking the button below. Monthly memberships are a great way to get in and save as well. Call (303) 883-0724 to schedule today.